Policy Statement

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Policy Statement

The top management of NOOR KASHMIR GENERAL CONTRACTING L.L.C is commied to developing a qualitative, safe and focused culture that covers the entire organization. This includes the development of quality and safety policy together with associated key objectives.

The company operates in the construction sector with its scope covering, tendering, engineering, planning, procurement and all construction activities including handover and maintenance. The rst, and most impoant, objective is to provide a safe workplace (to provide safety plan, risk assessment, tool box training, PPE, etc...).

It is our policy to maintain our job sites in a way that optimizes workplace safety for employees as well as for the general public. High quality construction is our second objective. It is our policy to meet the specications of the contract with the owner of each project we undeake. We meet the specications of the owner without the need for the owner's representative to generate lengthy punch lists.

It is our policy to complete all projects on time. The fouh objective is to give the utmost consideration to the owner's budget.

Our Company


The objectives of NOOR KASHMIR GENERAL CONTRACTING L.L.C are quite focused and results oriented based on factual history. In compliance with the quality, safety and environmental rules and standards our policy emphasizes its impoance and impact which helps in providing safe and eective environment for the project delivery.

NOOR KASHMIR GENERAL CONTRACTING L.L.C is commied to satisfying both the requirements and expectations of its entire customer through the provision of technically excellent and costeective service.

Customer oriented processes have been dened and mapped. These are suppoed by documented procedures and the complete system is subject to scheduled Products and Services are delivered through eective quality planning, the provision of ecient and competent human resources, conducting in-process inspection and measurement, and by applying the Plan-Do Check-Act methodology.

This foster and drives a culture of continual improvement. Key features of the NOOR KASHMIR GENERAL CONTRACTING L.L.C and the international standard are as follows:

  • Customer focused organization -Greater focus on Management commitment and involvement -Quality of Leadership -Employee Safety -Process oriented approach.
  • Focus on continual improvement -More involvement of all levels of sta -System approach to Management -Factual approach to decision making -Mutually benecial supplier relationships -Acceptable Financial Return and Protable Growth -To develop long term relationships with clients, vendors, suppliers and subcontractors –To Review And Enhance Our Environmental Arrangements -To create an atmosphere whereby the rm and its associates oer a quality, timely. Peormance at a reasonable price.